Intuitive Operating Systems for Medical Equipment

Our steute user interfaces for medical devices meet the highest standards regarding ergonomic comfort, intuitive operability, reliability and compliance with directives. Integrating steute hand and foot controls in your medical devices gives you the additional benefit of being able to concentrate fully on your own core competencies – development and production of the overall medical system – because steute can then take care of certification, validation and documentation to all the relevant medical standards. And your end users – surgical, hospital and ambulatory physicians – can complete their very responsible task to the best of their ability because your medical device and our user interface work in perfect harmony.



  • Information head start through active participation in research with leading universities and polytechnics
  • Cooperative, agile development of new control concepts
  • State-of-the-art wireless foot controls with innovative, pioneering SDC interface ("Service-oriented Device Connectivity") for the integrated OR of the future


  • Ergonomic solutions for complex requirements
  • Customised product development for your medical device
  • "Look and feel" in the corporate design of the customer
  • Comprehensive support with international approvals (MDR, FDA, etc.)


  • Core competence wireless: over 20 years of experience in wireless technologies for medical applications
  • Extensive experience in implementing IEC 60601-1 standards
  • Safe wireless standard to SIL 3/PLe (IEC 61508) and Software Safety Class "C" (IEC 62304)
  • Trusted partner of global leaders for medical equipment

New series of battery-powered wireless foot controls


steute Meditec has launched a new series of wireless foot controls for universal use in medical equipment. The user interfaces in this series are so energy-efficient that they can be powered using conventional batteries. At the same time, they achieve very high safety and availability levels.

  • steute low-energy wireless technology
  • Powered by globally available standard batteries (type AA or C)
  • Long battery lives of up to 18 months
  • No rechargeable batteries – no charging – no transport restrictions
  • No charging equipment needed, therefore more affordable

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steute Meditec: the specialist for user interfaces in the OR

Many leading manufacturers of medical devices worldwide trust steute Meditec to develop and produce user interfaces for their devices expertly and competently. As a result they are safe in the knowledge that they will be receiving state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing safe and intuitive operation of their top-level devices and, not least, profiting from the support which steute Meditec can offer them with approvals, certification and documentation.

  • Wide range of standard controls
  • Joint development of customised user interfaces
  • Comprehensive portfolio of services, including testing, documentation and certification
  • High level of research and development expertise


Ergonomic comfort, usability and wireless technology are "classic" research fields for steute Meditec.
In addition, we are key players in the drive to implement an innovative SDC (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) interface for the interoperable OR of the future.

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