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The devices used by the various medical disciplines are becoming increasingly complex – as are their control functions. This is why there is a clear move towards customer-specific user interfaces. We are well prepared for this trend – with committed developers, a well-equipped R&D centre, high levels of expertise in various medical disciplines, flexible manufacturing and a comprehensive range of services across the entire course of a project.

We guarantee that our customers receive user interfaces which are ideally suited to their needs – to the environmental conditions, level of ergonomic comfort, design of medical device, range of actuators and ultimately the device operators themselves.

As a medium-sized company with short decision paths and flexible manufacturing, we will be happy to develop and produce your »perfect switch« – in an exclusive design with individual housings, special actuators or safety features. Please do not hesitate to contact our Meditec consultants.

Wireless competency

We were asked by DORC to further develop the foot switch for their EVA Phaco Vitrectomy System, optimising its precision and technical versatility in the OR.
In collaboration with DORC, we designed an individual operating concept for the integrated foot switch which featured a multitude of practical and adaptable components, as well as improved user efficiency.
Thank you DORC for your trust in us and your tremendous cooperation!

Find out more about the individual operating concept of the foot switch in the DORC video.
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Customised foot switches


  • Improved efficiency due to integrated laser control
  • Combination of anterior and posterior operations possible
  • Dual-linear main pedal + 4 digital functions intuitively operable
  • Extremely precise operability
  • Programmable braking points
  • Wireless signal transmission steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED

Surgical microscope

  • Zoom and focus functions with central foot rest
  • Joystick for positioning of microscope
  • Optimised design for easy cleaning
  • Benchmark design within the industry






  • Fatigue-free actuation over long periods thanks to very flat pedal geometry
  • Customer requirement: design variants with different functions
  • Wireless signal transmission steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED
  • Top-level ease of cleaning


  • Joypads with joystick function
  • A wide range of functions due to combination of different switching elements
  • Communication to terminal device (customised) bus system
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals thanks to special surface treatment


  • Wireless signal transmission
  • Customised safety concept, pairing only in direct proximity  
  • Seamless two-component plastic injection molding for easy cleaning
  • Foot rests provide tactile orientation points



Operating table

  • Very complex construction and design requirements
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Special cabling requirements
  • Ergonomic actuation due to joypads


  • Design variants with different functions
  • Optimised for easy cleaning and resistance to chemicals
  • Analogue pedal -  first fault safety through additional measures
  • No need for tools, removable stainless steel pedal
  • Easy to clean


  • Foot switch recognises application on pairing with medical device
  • Application displayed by individual pedal illumination
  • Universal line of foot switches
  • Cabled or wireless signal transmission via steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED



Customised hand remote controls

Hand remote control

  • Individual enclosure and customised assignment of functions
  • Enclosure and button layout configurable
  • Latest steute wireless technology SW2.4LE-MED


Photo shows optional accessories


Hand remote control

  • Based on selected enclosures freely available in the marketplace
  • Comprehensive range of definable functions
  • Latest steute wireless technology SW2.4LE-MED



Customised user interfaces

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