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Our steute user interfaces for medical devices meet the highest standards regarding ergonomic comfort, intuitive operability, reliability and compliance with directives.

  • Ergonomic solutions for complex requirements
  • Customised product development
  • "Look and feel" in the corporate design of the customer
  • Information head start through active research
  • Cooperative, agile development of new control concepts
  • State-of-the-art wireless foot controls with innovative SDC interface
  • Over 20 years of experience in wireless technologies
  • Extensive experience in implementing IEC 60601-1 standards
  • Safe wireless standard to SIL 3/PLe and Software Safety Class "C"

Our products

Customised user interfaces

Customised solutions for your medical device.
Best solution in every segment.

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Our applications

High-frequency surgery
X-ray / MRI / CT / mammography
Laser devices
Operating tables / operating chairs
Dental medicine

High-frequency surgery

Maximum freedom and flexibility for surgeons in the OR with our wireless foot switches, ergonomically designed for the special requirements of high-frequency surgery. SW2.4LE-MED is our energy-saving wireless system – at a price which is attractive even in a market segment under extreme cost pressure.

X-ray / MRI / CT / mammography

Three-dimensional images of organs, tissue structures and bones have to be generated within seconds. Our innovative foot switches and hand controls are ideally suited to such applications. Many of our customers opt for a customised solution; alternatively they can select an already existing steute product from our wide CLASSIC LINE range.


Highly precise and intuitively operable foot switches ensure maximum fitness for purpose during phacoemulsification in the OR. Horizontal and vertical pedal actuation, programmable braking points for a precise tactile feedback, or integration of a laser control: we realise your wishes and requirements with regard to ergonomic comfort and user precision.


In ophthalmology and neurosurgery, surgical microscopes are used. Our bespoke foot switches for surgical microscopes, which facilitate the highest degrees of precision and sensitivity, have been defining marketplace standards for years. All actuators are arranged ergonomically and are intuitively operable for users.

Laser devices

Our user interfaces for laser medicine are protected from unintended actuation by innovative guards. And yet we make no compromises regarding fitness for purpose, and all other normative requirements are comprehensively fulfilled.

Operating tables / operating chairs

When surgical staff have their hands full, they can still move the patient on the operating table into the desired position by means of a foot control. Our innovative foot switches comply with the general requirements of the IEC 60601-1 standard. As a further option, we also offer integrated solutions.

Dental medicine

Multifunctional foot switches for speed control and chair adjustment are special features required in dental medicine. Our multifunctional user interfaces are available in different variants to meet your particular wishes. As a further option, your foot control can also be equipped with our own affordable SW2.4LE-MED wireless technology.

Research cooperations

Ergonomic comfort, usability and wireless technology are "classic" research fields for steute Meditec. In addition, we are key players in the drive to implement an innovative SDC (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) interface for the interoperable OR of the future.

research cooperations

News & press releases

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DMEA 2024 – steute Meditec and SurgiTAIX agree cooperation: joint development of Real-Time SDC for medical devices

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steute Meditec: the specialist for user interfaces in the OR

Many leading manufacturers of medical devices worldwide trust steute Meditec to develop and produce user interfaces for their devices expertly and competently. As a result they are safe in the knowledge that they will be receiving state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing safe and intuitive operation of their top-level devices and, not least, profiting from the support which steute Meditec can offer them with approvals, certification and documentation.

  • Wide range of standard controls
  • Joint development of customised user interfaces
  • Comprehensive portfolio of services, including testing, documentation and certification
  • High level of research and development expertise