Our expertise – your advantage

We have been developing and producing user interfaces for medical devices for decades. We collaborate with leading medical device manufacturers worldwide, but also with medium-sized market specialists.

You can profit from this expertise by taking advantage of our comprehensive service package. We can develop customised and application-specific user interfaces for and with you. We adhere to all the standards relevant to your branch of industry, all requirements for medical equipment in general and for the specific medical discipline in question, as well as the latest findings regarding ergonomic comfort and usability. Here we can show you some examples of customer-specific user interfaces we have already developed.

And once you are satisfied with the result of our joint project – i.e. with the design and functionality of your new user interface – then we will be happy to offer you additional services to make your work easier, e.g. approvals for your medical device. Our products meet all requirements laid out in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and also conform to FDA requirements on request.