Operating tables / operating chairs

The general requirements for control devices for operating beds and chairs are described in the standard IEC 60601-1. Any published, relevant product standards must also be considered.

The main features of foot controls for this application field: a defined minimum requirement for mechanical stability; defined requirements for protection class; partly redundant design of switching elements; an integrated interface on request; use of multifunction elements.

When everybody's hands are full, the patient on the operating bed can be brought comfortably into the optimum position using a foot control.

Wireless competency      Customised solutions

Products for operating tables / operating chairs

  • Angled aluminium housing

  • Additional push buttons (optional)

  • Carrying handle (optional)

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type AA

  • Battery compartment can be opened by hand

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Carrying handle (optional)

  • Additional functions (optional)

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Rapid switching between functions

  • Joypad, rocker switch and push buttons freely positionable