Wireless foot switches for HF surgery

The future starts at ground level.

Wireless is state of the art – in our private lives we have already become used to being part of a simple and fast network. And to enjoying the enormous freedom that it brings. And surgeons in the OR – your customers – would like the same freedom.

steute has the solution: with a wide range of ergonomically designed and intuitively operable wireless foot switches, we give you an advantage over the competition. Your customers will enjoy maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. The receiver for the steute foot switch can easily be integrated in your medical system, or alternatively retrofitted externally – and all for a price which is attractive even in a market segment experiencing high cost pressure.

This is made possible by our SW2.4LE-MED low-energy wireless technology, which works so efficiently that it can run on conventional batteries for many months. This saves money because OR-compatible power supplies, expensive waterproof connectors and charging systems can all be eliminated. Batteries can be changed during the regular maintenance of your medical device or very simply by hospital staff. No tools are required, and the foot switch remains sealed.

Your benefits

  • Wireless is state of the art
  • Technological advantage over the competition
  • Maximum flexibility and freedom of movement for your customers
  • Retrofitting for existing medical devices possible

All medical foot switches from steute comply with the relevant family of standards (IEC 60601) and come with wireless approvals for North America, Europe and Japan. A software safety class up to "C" (acc. to IEC62304) is optionally available. If desired, we can provide you with a complete package of consulting, product documentation and certification, so that all you have to do is include it in your central device files.

Products for high-frequency surgery

Maximum efficiency - charging unnecessary
All wireless foot switches for medical specialisations can be individually configured.

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type AA

  • Battery compartment can be opened by hand

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type C

  • Battery compartment can be opened by hand

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Power supply via rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Socket for recharging of battery


Wireless foot switches - equipped with the latest wireless technology

Our wireless foot switches are equipped with the latest SW2.4LE-MED wireless technology. This technology has been developed especially for the high requirements of medical equipment and works on the globally available 2.4 GHz waveband, consuming very little energy. The SW2.4LE-MED safe wireless technology from steute also guarantees uncomplicated coexistence of all remote-controlled devices in the OR.

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Customised foot switches and individual solutions

Are you interested, but cannot find a suitable product for your specialisation? No problem. We can also provide the complete development and production of customised wireless solutions. Further service options include documentation of the foot switches, as well as certification of the wireless system and of the integrated software.
All products can be individually configured and tailor-made to suit customer applications.