Operating tables / operating chairs

When everybody's hands are full, the patient on the operating bed or table can be brought comfortably into the optimum position using a foot control. Steute Meditech offers control devices for operating beds and operating chair footswitches to IEC 60601-1 standards.

steute Meditech foot controls for operating tables and chairs meet defined minimum requirements for mechanical stability, defined requirements for protection class, partly redundant design of switching elements. We can also provide integrated interfaces on request and can adapt equipment to be compatible with multifunction elements.

Wireless competency      Customised solutions

Products for operating tables / operating chairs

  • Angled aluminium housing

  • Additional push buttons (optional)

  • Carrying handle (optional)

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type AA

  • Battery compartment can be opened by hand

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Carrying handle (optional)

  • Additional functions (optional)

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Rapid switching between functions

  • Joypad, rocker switch and push buttons freely positionable