Wireless hand remote controls

The benefits of SW2.4LE-MED wireless technology are also clear in conjunction with hand-held controls for the OR and medical practices. For this area steute Meditech has additionally developed the FFB-MED wireless hand control which can be individually configured to suit a wide range of medical devices.

Our wireless hand remote control is comfortable to hold, while its membrane keypad makes it easy to clean and puts it in a high protection class. It weighs very little, further increasing its comfort. The highly reliable wireless technology with its short transmission times facilitates use in many different medical applications.

The design of the membrane keypad can be adapted to create customized solutions. Exclusive wireless hand remote controls – tailored specifically to your individual application and complex requirements – are a further option which steute Meditech offers. A customer project usually starts with a viability study and also – just like with our foot control projects – includes customer testing of prototypes.

Wireless hand remote controls

Wireless receivers

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