Intuitive operation, hygienic and ergonomic design

In the OR, microscopes are mainly used in sensitive areas, such as ophthalmology, neurosurgery or spinal surgery. Thanks to a perfectly lit and enlarged visual field, surgeons are able to make e.g. the finest of cuts and stitches with extreme precision. steute Meditec has a large range of products specifically for the control of microscopes.

Wireless competency      Customised solutions


  • Shockproof thermoplastic enclosure
  • Zoom and focus functions with central foot rest
  • Joystick for positioning the microscope
  • 6 additional push buttons for added functionality
  • Very easy to clean
  • Available with SW2.4LE-MED steute wireless technology


Versatile functions and individually adaptable: the MFS microscopes

With their ergonomically arranged actuators, these user interfaces enable surgeons to position the microscope using a joystick, to zoom and focus using rocker switches, as well as to use up to six additional push buttons for individually programmable functions, such as "light" or "camera". The absolute market leader for the control of surgical microscopes is our MFS microscope MED, also available as the cable-free variant MFS microscope SW2.4LE-MED. The design is both ergonomic and hygienic. The foot switch can be individually configured and adapted to customer wishes on request.

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Comprehensive product range: cabled and wireless foot switches

The foot switches from steute can communicate with the surgical microscope via cable or wireless connection. The wireless protocol developed especially for medical devices realises reliable and safe signal transmission. The wireless product variant provides additional benefits with regard to hygiene, flexibility and occupational safety.  

Our user interfaces are developed to the current legal requirements for medical products and comply with all relevant standards. In-house manufacturing at steute facilitates fast production, as well as the construction of customised variants.

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Products for surgical microscopes

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type C

  • Zoom and focus functions

  • Joystick for positioning microscope

  • With aluminium housing

  • Additional push button (optional)

  • Zoom and focus functions

  • Joystick for positioning microscope

  • 6 additional push buttons (optional)

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Rapid switching between functions

  • Joypad, rocker switch and push buttons freely positionable