Extreme precision

Ophthalmology requires extreme precision – especially when operating medical devices. Since surgeons and surgical staff often have both hands full, medical devices are usually operated by foot controls, preferably wireless.
A very high degree of precision must be guaranteed at all times. The steute foot switches have been developed especially for these requirements – and provide users with maximum fitness for purpose.

The steute product range includes multi-functional controls with dual linear pedals or joysticks, foot switches with wireless signal transmission, and rocker switches which facilitate rapid changing between two different functions.

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  • Vertical and horizontal pedal with proportional output signal
  • 4 rocker switches, each with 2 switching functions
  • Programmable braking points for tactile feedback
  • Intuitive and highly precise
  • Optional wireless signal transmission via steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED

Foot control for phacoemulsification

Phacoemulsification requires extreme concentration from surgeons: they have to work very precisely and to coordinate different device functions via the human-machine interface. The steute phaco foot control meets these high demands without exception.

The flexible (wireless) foot switches from steute provide the highest degree of operational and ergonomic comfort for ophthalmological applications. The pedal travel and the actuation force can be individually adjusted. In addition, programmable pressure points provide precise tactile feedback. The foot switch can be configured according to the individual needs of the surgeon in order to guarantee high concentration levels while working.

Products for ophthalmology

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Pedal adjustable vertically and horizontally

  • 4 rocker switches with 2 switching functions each

  • Pedal adjustable vertically and horizontally

  • 4 rocker switches with 2 switching functions each

  • Intuitive and extremely precise operation

  • Power supply via 3 batteries type C

  • Zoom and focus functions

  • Joystick for positioning microscope

  • Zoom and focus functions

  • Joystick for positioning microscope

  • 6 additional push buttons (optional)

  • With aluminium housing

  • Additional push button (optional)

  • Variable aluminium housing

  • Rapid switching between functions

  • Joypad, rocker switch and push buttons freely positionable

Wireless and safe signal transmission

Optional features of the new series include wireless signal transmission via a wireless protocol developed by steute especially for the requirements of medical equipment. Another option is combination with an external laser switch for the treatment of retinal detachment (retinal ablation). The foot control can be customised regarding colour, logo, etc.

Wireless competency