Wireless foot switches

For more than a decade, steute Meditech has been driving forward the development of medical foot pedals and switches with cable-free signal transmission. "steute Wireless" is a remote control technology which can be used with all types of medical equipment and which has been adapted to suit the special requirements of this field. It uses the globally available 2.4 GHz waveband and has a very low energy consumption. In addition, it offers numerous safety functions, permitting operation of several wireless systems within one transmission zone and also can detect when a wireless control is approaching the outer limits of its wireless signal range. Wireless communication improves ergonomic comfort of medical foot pedal switches because the interface can be positioned freely. Hygiene is also improved, boosting the value of the overall medical system.

The service package for all steute medical foot pedal switches includes documentation and certification of both the wireless system and the embedded software to all the relevant standards for electrical, wireless and medical equipment.

1-pedal wireless foot switches

2-pedal wireless foot switches

3-pedal wireless foot switches

4-pedal wireless foot switches

Wireless foot switches for surgical microscopes

Wireless foot switches for ophthalmology

Wireless receivers

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