Cabled foot switches

Even though we are pioneering the use of wireless technology for the OR, we also offer a wide range of wired medical foot switches.

One example is the MKF-MED GP 26. The features of this 2-pedal wired medical foot switch include an extremely robust aluminum console. The switch can be operated intuitively, with the foot of the surgeon resting to the left or right of the control. Dividing bars on both sides prevent unintentional actuation and serve as orientation, leaving the surgeon to concentrate fully on the patient. The medical device manufacturer can select extra actuators for additional functions as a further option. This switch series transmits both digital and analogue signals and is available in protection classes up to IP X8.

The steute Meditech range of wired medical foot switches also includes multi-pedal foot switches and foot controls for laser medicine.

1-pedal foot switches

2-pedal foot switches

Value Line 2-pedal foot switches

3-pedal foot switches

4-pedal foot switches

Rocker foot switches

Foot switches for surgical microscopes

Foot switches for ophthalmology

Configurable user interfaces

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