The Solid Value-Line Foot Switch

Perfectly balanced function, usability and price

The VKF 2-MED foot control was especially developed for the high demands of medical equipment: a solid foot control with an ergonomic design for reliable switching functions. The wedge-shaped central bar prevents accidental simultaneous actuation of both pedals and additionally serves as a foot rest. The switch is narrow, measuring 223 x 142 x 32 mm, and yet stable.

  • Affordable
  • High mechanical stability
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel carrying handle (optional)
  • Up to 2 switching functions per pedal
  • Normally open or changeover contacts
  • Waterproof: IPX8 (IEC 60529)

High quality and cost efficiency

This control is also well-suited to costsensitive applications, without any reductions in quality, reliability or ergonomic comfort. The ergonomic design of the new foot control is immediately apparent. The enclosure is made of high-quality thermoplastic which surpasses the shock resistance requirements of IEC 60601-1. The wedge-shaped central bar prevents accidental simultaneous actuation of both pedals; and between actuations it can be used as a foot rest. Pedals can optionally be fitted with two micro switches and pressure points to allow for a two-step actuation and to give the user tactile feedback.

To sum up: as a Value-Line switch, the VKF 2-MED is a medical control
device characterised by high quality, reliability and low cost.


Different variants available

VKF2-MED yellow blue
Technical data
Applied standards
IEC 60601-1
shock-proof thermoplastic, UL 94 V-2
shock-proof thermoplastic, UL 94 V-0
Degree of protection
IP X8 to IEC/EN 60529
Switching elements
micro switch
Mechanical life
> 200 000 operations
3 m cable, other lengths optionally available
Switching voltage
max. 25 VAC / 60 VDC
Switch-on current
max. 1 A
Switching capacity
max. 30 VA
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