Foot switches for surgical microscopes

When microscopes are used in the OR for ophthalmology or neurosurgery, the highest levels of precision and sensitivity are required at all times. The microscope foot switches we design for this complex application field are always developed specifically with this in mind. All actuators are arranged for maximum ergonomic comfort. The user can position the microscope using a joystick, zoom and focus using two rocker switches and trigger additional functions (e.g. brightness or imaging) using up to six additional push buttons. Our foot switches for surgical microscopes have an ergonomic and hygienic design and can always be operated intuitively. We also offer cabled or wireless microscope foot switch options.

  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic housing
  • Zoom and focus function with central foot rest
  • Joystick for positioning of microscope
  • 6 additional push buttons with programmable functions
  • Degree of protection IP X8 (IEC 60529)
  • Easy to clean
  • Wireless signal transmission via steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED (optional)

The steute foot control in question has two central rocker switches, with which the surgeon can control zoom and focus functions. When the switches are not being actuated, the foot comes to rest midway. Using a joystick also positioned in the middle, the surgeon is able to centre the microscope while simultaneously adjusting the X and Y axes. This guarantees that the surgical microscope can be operated ergonomically and without tiring the surgeon.
To the right and left of the rocker switches and joystick are a total of six pushbuttons with freely programmable functions, for example »camera« and »light«. The microscope manufacturer is thus able to determine its complexity and extra functions very flexibly indeed.
The rocker switches are hygienically sealed beneath a silicone cuff. This fulfils even the very high hygiene standards required in operating theatres.

The surgical microscope control unit can communicate with the device either conventionally via a cable or via a wireless standard developed by steute especially for medical equipment. The wireless variant of the control unit additionally boasts advantages regarding both hygiene (the cables and cable ducts which are so difficult to clean are now superfluous) and flexibility as well as operational safety (the foot switch can be positioned freely and there are no cables on the floor of the operating theatre to pose a tripping hazard).

With this single device, steute Meditec is thus at the forefront of the development of control units for medical equipment, addressing the key issues of ergonomic comfort, hygiene, versatility and operational safety. It goes without saying that this control unit has been developed in accordance with the legal stipulations for medical products; and flexible manufacturing at steute means that customer-specific variants of the new control unit can be constructed and produced without delay.

Wireless foot switches for surgical microscopes

Cabled foot switches for surgical microscopes

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