Since the medical directive 93/42/EEC was introduced in 1993, the steute Meditech medical foot switch range has steadily grown. Today, manufacturers of medical equipment have at their disposal medical grade foot switches for all manner of disciplines and applications. Our products can be controlled by foot or hand and can be used for simple to highly complex tasks in the OR, diagnostics and medical practices.

steute Meditech produces not only a standard range of medical foot switches and hand controls for medical equipment, but also numerous customized user interfaces. The aim of the steute developers is always to enable medical devices to be operated intuitively through wireless and wired foot switches, so that the surgeon, physician and/or medical staff can concentrate on the patient, task or surgery at hand.
One of the core competencies of steute Meditech is specialized wireless foot pedal technology. Its product range also includes cabled foot controls for medical applications, however.

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All steute control units for medical equipment meet the highest standards of ergonomic comfort and accessibility. They are manufactured in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 certified QM system for medical products.

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