High-frequency surgery

Electrosurgery makes it possible to perform particularly gentle interventions. By using instruments which emit a brief electrical current to cut or vaporise the tissue, depending on the duration of use, open blood vessels can be closed, preventing the patient from haemorrhaging.

Operating electrosurgical devices requires the highest levels of concentration and precision, achieved with a medical user interface. Regardless of which electrosurgical device is being controlled, the essential actuating elements of the High-frequency surgery foot control are always identical: the yellow pedal on the left activates the "cut" function, while the blue pedal on the right activates the "coagulate" function. In order to ensure reliable and safe operation during surgery, the two pedals are separated.

In order to meet the high demands of this specialised discipline, and at the same time provide the surgeon with the greatest degree of comfort, all High-frequency surgery foot switches have an ergonomic design and feature top-grade mechanical stability, as well as IP class X8. Leakage is tested by immersing the foot switch in 150 mm deep saline solution while it is connected to an electrical circuit, and actuating it 50 times within a period of 30 minutes.
Our products continue to meet all relevant standards (EN 60601-1 & EN 60601-2-2) and can be individually configured on request.

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