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User interfaces: from manufacturer to service provider

Wireless user interfaces have multiple benefits, making them a popular choice in many medical disciplines. However, they also involve a higher level of effort for device manufacturers with regard to testing and documentation than cabled controls – unless the supplier is MDR-ready and able to provide the user interface with all the relevant documentation.

Source: meditronic-journal (2/2022)

Wireless benefits

Nearly all customised user interfaces developed by steute Meditec in cooperation with medical device manufacturers communicate with the device in question via remote control. And wireless command devices are also becoming increasingly popular as standard user interfaces – with good reason.

Source: medical-design (02/2022)

La sala operatoria digitale

A Löhne, nella Westfalia orientale, la sala operatoria del futuro è già realtà: lo specialista degli interruttori a pedale steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG ha sviluppato un interruttore a pedale polivalente, che consente ai chirurghi di controllare tutti i dispositivi medici, di diversi produttori.

Pubblicato su: VDMA Magazin (11/2020)

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Switchgear manufacturer undergoes digital transformation

steute Technologies is known as an expert for safe switchgear in complex and demanding applications. But over the last few years the company has also grown to become a systems provider. Today's customers can profit from complete solutions which range from sensors via Gateways to integration in ERP systems. In an interview, Stefan Schmersal, Acting Partner at steute, gives insights into the market, his own solutions and business strategies, as well as the challenges steute will face in the future.

Source: open automation (05/2019)

Interfaces for the interoperable OR

With the dynamic integration of devices in the "interoperable OR", new interface generations are emerging.

Source: meditronic-journal (01/2019)

New low-energy wireless technology - Wireless foot controls

A new series of battery-driven foot controls uses the latest generation of a wireless technology developed especially for medical equipment. Its power consumption is low, meaning that conventional and not rechargeable batteries can be used.

Source: medizin & technik (06/2018)

Completely cable-free: approved user interfaces for the OR

The amount of documentation required in the development of medical equipment is steadily increasing. This is also true of wireless technologies for communication between medical devices and their controls. steute Meditec can assist customers with mandatory tests and documentation.

Source: DeviceMed (05/2018)

A standard for intuitive operation

A standard for intuitive operation

The steute Schaltgeräte company has developed a new foot control particularly suited to niche medical applications. Guido Becker, Product Manager Meditec at steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, explained the features of these newly developed interfaces to our editorial team.

Source: MEDengineering (07/2017)

Interfacce utente per una sala operatoria integrate

La divisione steute Meditech e CITEC (Università di Bielefeld) hanno affrontato questo tema con approccio orientato alla pratica all'interno di un progetto del cluster d'eccellenza "It's OWL".

Pubblicato su: MED-Engineering (05/2017)

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