Configurable user interfaces

Configurable user interfaces can be used to position and operate medical devices in many ways. For example, surgical microscopes or patient tables and/or chairs can be moved into position according to requirements. Another possibility is the operation of a surgical robot. The configurable controls are developed according to customer requirements. Customers therefore receive a single user interface designed according to their own individual wishes and able to control many different functions.

The housings of the foot controls are made out of thermoplastic or aluminium. This ergonomic housing design forms the basis, while a modular system means that the user interface can be adapted flexibly to special requirements. The foot controls can be fitted with different actuators in accordance with customer wishes, yet without any additional tooling costs, for example with a round joypad or a rocker switch.  In addition to the four functions up, down, left and right, the joypad also permits diagonal switching across the X and Y axes, making eight functions available in total. The rocker switches require a comfortable actuation force and provide good tactile feedback. User interfaces can be optionally fitted with a protective bar which doubles up as a carrying handle. In addition, each switch is equipped with two redundant switching contacts, providing first failure safety.

Cabled configurable user interfaces

Configurable in function or in function and size.

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