Foot switches for ophthalmology

In ophthalmology absolute precision is required – which also applies for ophthalmology foot switches and other operating control devices. Because doctors and surgical staff often need both hands in order to carry out the surgery, ophthalmology foot controls and other hands-free devices are used to operate the medical equipment. An extremely high level of operational reliability must be guaranteed, as well as a high degree of precision. Ophthalmology foot pedal devices from steute Meditech are designed accordingly – both our standard devices and our customized foot switches. The program for this application field includes among others rocker foot controls that allow for fast change between two functions, foot controls with wireless signal transmission and multi-function foot controls with pedal and joystick. Eyes are sensitive. Therefore foot switch devices for ophthalmology equipment must be very sensitive and precise. Again, foot controls from steute Meditech are designed accordingly.

  • Pedal with proportional output signal (both vertical and horizontal)
  • 4 rocker switches with 2 switching functions each
  • Programmable braking points for tactile feedback
  • Intuitive and extremely precise operation
  • Wireless signal transmission via steute wireless SW2.4LE-MED (optional)

Foot control panel for phacoemulsification - Ultimate safety for ophthalmology
Phacoemulsification demands extreme concentration on the part of the surgeon: he or she has to work with great precision, while at the same time coordinating various device functions via the man-machine interface. The phaco control panel now available from steute takes this complex requirement into full account, having been developed exclusively for phacoemulsification.

Maximum flexibility – maximum ergonomic comfort
Configuration of the switching elements is so flexible that maximum user comfort can be achieved even with differing ergonomic requirements. This is crucial if surgeons are to work with a high level of concentration. The user's foot rests on a central pedal. The pedal travel, as well as the strength necessary to actuate it, can be set to suit. Optional, programmable pressure points provide constant feedback about the position of the pedal. Surgeons are thus able to configure the foot control panel according to their own needs and wishes, enabling them to concentrate on their work without tiring.

Four additional actuators can be operated like "rockers" using the tip or heel of the foot, meaning that they can be fitted with eight functions in total. The actuator functions can be configured on the customer's own system. The individual functions vary depending on the operating mode selected by the user. Thus, five actuators in total provide a multitude of functions – an additional prerequisite for concentrated and intuitive performance.

Wireless signal transmission
One of the options available for the new switchgear series is wireless signal transmission via a wireless protocol developed by steute especially for the requirements of medical technology. Another option is to combine our switchgear with an external laser switch for retina treatment. The foot control panel can be customised to display your company logo, colours, etc.

The ergonomic design and a variety of optional adjustments and positions for the especially designed
foot control device facilitate relaxed and precise operation in the sensitive field of phacoemulsification.

Wireless foot switches for ophthalmology

Cabled foot switches for ophthalmology

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