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Wireless foot switches for diagnostic equipment

Wireless is state of the art – and medical equipment is no exception. With intuitively operable wireless foot switches, steute offers your customers, the radiologists, the highest degree of flexibility. Our wireless foot switches are simple to integrate in your medical system, or alternatively to retrofit externally – and all for a price which is attractive even in a market segment under extreme cost pressure.

Find out more at the European Congress of Radiology 2023 in Vienna.

Your benefits

  • Wireless is state of the art
  • Give your system the technological advantage over the competition
  • Retrofitting for existing medical devices possible
  • Maximum flexibility and freedom of movement for your customers
  • Affordable
Individual consultations

Individual consultations

In addition to innovative wireless foot switches and the latest wireless technology,
we shall be presenting intuitive steute user interfaces, interoperability and the realisation of
pioneering SDC interfaces for wireless foot switches.

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The future of medical technology: the integrated OR

A growing number of devices with increasingly complex functions; imaging techniques during surgery; utilisation of assistance and navigation systems: these are just some of the current trends in the field of medical equipment. They enable surgery to be performed minimally-invasively and with a higher level of precision. And yet, operating these devices requires ever-increasing attentiveness from the surgeon - and intuitive operability is a goal which is seemingly more and more difficult to realise.

The goal: interoperability
The manufacturers of medical equipment are therefore busy working on new generations of user interfaces. The goal behind development: one system to control multiple devices. The dynamic integration of medical equipment - or, at the user level, the interoperability of user interfaces – is one of the development goals of the initiative OR.NET e.V., to which steute Meditec is committed as an associated partner.

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Besuchen sie unseren Stand auf dem ECR 2023

Visit our booth at the ECR 2023:

Vienna, Austria
01.03.2023 – 04.03.2023
Hall X2, Booth 205

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Download our whitepaper free of charge

The future of medical technology will be interoperable communication. Our latest whitepaper "SDC in the integrated OR: trends and outlook" summarises the state of the art, presents relevant projects and asks: What next for SDC?

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